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    A Mind For All Seasons® is leading the revolution in brain health treatments for individuals and institutions. We passionately believe that credible research has unlocked a greater understanding of many of the root causes of Alzheimer's disease and other types of dementia. We developed The Enhance Protocol®, an approach to preventing and treating dementia, with the goal of saving as many brains and changing as many lives as possible. The Enhance Protocol is a comprehensive, research-based, multi-modal approach to preventing and treating cognitive decline by detecting and addressing root causes. It was developed by Randy Vawdrey, NP-C, MSN, and the team at A Mind for All Seasons based on a synthesis of the research and recommendations of industry experts such as Dale Bredesen, MD, Richard Isaacson, MD, Warren Willey, DO, Chris Shade, PhD, Daniel Amen, MD and many others leading the way in dementia research. We deliver The Enhance Protocol in three different ways. For those wanting the entire package of treatments and services available in The Enhance Protocol, our Brain Therapy Studio at our headquarters in Boise, Idaho offers the most comprehensive program. There, we help clients complete baseline cognitive testing and an extensive panel of blood work, prepare a 20 to 22 page treatment summary, create a simple daily checklist, and have clients participate 2-3 times per week in a variety of integrative medical treatments that boost blood flow and oxygen to the brain and other organs, promote higher levels of growth factor for brain cells, improve energy production, balance, and detoxification, calm inflammation, and more. We also assign a memory coach to each client to guide their progress, answer questions, manage dietary interventions, provide dementia training and coordinate collaboration between our medical team and each client's primary care provider. The majority of our recommendations involve addressing nutrient and hormone deficiencies, ridding the body of brain toxins, eating in brain healthy ways, and improving sleep, exercise, intellectual and social habits rather than prescribing medications.


    We also help assisted living and skilled nursing providers develop Brain Therapy Studios in their facilities so they can serve as satellite locations where facility residents and clients from the broader community can receive treatments and support.


    Finally, we have an online option for those wishing to participate in The Enhance Protocol anywhere in the United States. For these clients, we have a simple process to help them complete cognitive testing and blood work, obtain a treatment summary and checklist, receive the ongoing guidance of a memory coach, and apply as many of the therapeutic interventions as possible.


    A Mind For All Seasons also offers dementia training for families and professionals, executive coaching for healthcare leaders, and workshops for healthcare professionals in dementia care, leadership, organizational health, activity programming, and marketing.


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